8k82 Mononymous Music Makers

A Skew-whiff sampling of a bunch of music makers who chose to be known by a single name for at least a lengthy part of their career .. you know, like Sting or Bono… Sorry, it’s my show and it’s a Bono-free zone! Sting does get a cheeky snippet (more than he deserves) along with Tiffany, Liberace, Meco, Taco and Falco. Madonna gets a whole song (tough, I like her), as does Kylie, Dido and our homegrown tall poppy Lorde … some arrive via bands like Fergie (Black-eyed Peas), Morrisey (Smiths), Nico (Velvet Underground), Skin (Skunk Anansie) and Lawrence (Felt) .. Prepare yourselves, you will hear Enya, Cher, Beyonce, Sade … and Beck, Eno, Santigold, Kelis, Moondog, Rodriguez, Moby, Tricky, Carmel, Mia, D’Angelo, Lulu, Donovan, Melanie, Feist, MIA, Prince and … Neil .. Neil from The Young Ones .. 8K Radio 4 Ever!
xoxo Skew

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