8k76 One is the loneliest number

Skew-whiff on the one, in solidarity with the solitary .. we come one, 8K Radio, March 31 2019 Otautahi, NZ … one monkey don’t stop the show

Bob Marley – One Love (ambient)
Aimee Mann – One
Film audio – Eva alone
Gorillaz – All Alone
Colin Newman – Alone/Alone On Piano
Badly Drawn Boy – One Plus One
Band Of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
L’Orchestra Cinematique – The Lonely Shepherd
Gillian Welch – One Monkey
Feist – Lonely Lonely
Faithless – We Come One
Unitone HiFi – Lonely And Sad
The Highlander – “There can be only one”
Groove Corporation – Lonely Martian
Massive Attack – One Love
Bjork – One Day
Saint Etienne – She’s The One
DJ Shadow – Lonely Soul (excerpt)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jesus Alone
Lou Reed – Leave Me Alone
Black Knight – “none shall pass”
Ray Charles – Lonely Avenue
SFX – Lonely Cat
Aldous Harding – Titus Alone
Neil Diamond – Solitary Man
The Prisoner – “The one and only Number Six”
Charlatans – The Only One I Know
Lene Lovich – Lucky Number
Members – Solitary Confinement
Shapeshifter – One


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