8k75 Art For Art’s Sake

10cc – Art for Art’s Sake
David Bowie – Andy Warhol
Grace Jones – Art Groupie
Modern Lovers – Pablo Picasso
Art Ensemble of Chicago – Theme de Yo Yo
Art of Noise – Close (To The Edit)
film dialogue – Wild Style
Roxy Music – Virginia Plain
Bauhaus – Third Uncle
Wire – The Art of Stopping
Talking Heads – Artists Only
Broken Social Scene – Art House Director
2 Litre Dolby – Frida Kahlo
Pete & Dud – Art Gallery excerpt
Felt – Primitive Painters
Florence and the Machine – What The Water Gave Me
John Cale – Magritte
David Bowie – Art Decade
Michael Nyman – A Zed And Two Noughts
Basquiat OST – Suicide Hotline music & dialogue montage
The Fall – Distilled Mug Art
dialogue – Wonka/Mary Poppins
The Jam – Art School
Michael Andrews – The Artifact & Living
10cc – Art For Art’s Sake

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