8k40 Blend – Kiwi Produce Too

A second skew-whiff excursion into the near-by, a bunch local gems sourced mainly from those compilations that sit at the back of the shelf, a heap of A Low Hums, Loops, Flying Nuns, Arch Hills, Chart Discs, record company promo comps et al … throw in a few random selections both newer (Aldous Harding, Fazerdaze) and older (Sexy Animals, Signer, Carriage H, Mestar, HDU, Dimmer), add a Renderers tune recorded live at the well remembered Harboulight in Lyttelton and there you have it.. a skew-whiff Aotearoa Blend, New Zealand music, Kiwi Produce Too …

Signer – Counter Slave Sync
The Nomad – Time Is Running Out
Gasoline Cowboy – Sometimes You Shine
Dimmer – Searching Time
Cloudboy – Humm
The Enright House – Scattering The Sun Like Gunshot
How To Kill – Burning Ships
JPSE – Bleeding Star
Aldous Harding – Blend
Bic Runga – Drive (Doordarshan Mix)
Electric Wire Hustle – Again
Phoenix Foundation – Silent Orb
Headless Chickens – Donka
Skeptics – Sheen Of Gold
Shayne Carter/Peter Jefferies – Randolph’s Going Home
Carriage H – Intergalactic Cosmic Space Killer
Mestar – Mestar Song
Minuit – Species II
Cranks – Tension
Sexy Animals – Whitney Houston
King Loser – ’76 Comeback
T54 – Julie K
LBGP – I Don’t Want You Anyway
Undercurrents – Lou
Fazerdaze – Friends
Hawaii Five-O – The Speed of Weed
Bailterspace – Splat
The Renderers – A Deep Hole (live @ The Harbourlight)

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