8k28 Flicker

A wee sampling of what’s been on the show-whiff stereo, some new purchases, a few old faves, a little Kiwi produce (might be time for a Kiwi Produce 2, Motte’s record is fabulous and I honestly think Avoid Avoid was the best NZ thing out last year, just by the by)… It’ll all easily fit on a C-90, yer basic Skew-whiff style 8K Sunday mixtape… originally broadcast Sunday March 5 2017 on 8k Radio, Otautahi, Aotearoa/New Zealand …

Fetus Productions – Flicker
Flaming Lips – Flight Test
Avoid Avoid – Recall
Motte – Opal Eye
Renderers – Seaworthy
Kneebody & Daedelus – They Are We
Delaney Davidson – Dark Horses
Tami Nielson – Bury My Body
Grant Lee Buffalo – Let Go Of My Hand
Diva OST – Dead End
Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing
Sly and the Family Stone – Running Away
The Clean – Slug Song
Big Black – Bad Houses
Shriekback – Mistah Linn He Dead
Vivien Goldman – Private Armies Dub
Beatles – Revolution 1
Curtis Mayfield – Billy Jack
DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Feel Like
Ennio Morricone – Once Upon A Time In The West (Finale)

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