8k22 Kiwi Produce -Up Down and Around, Reach for the Sky

Skew-whiff MD breaks radio silence with an all NewZealand/Aotearoa vinyl set featuring the likes of Echo Ohs, Bozo, Features, Mantarays, Jean Paul Satre Experience, Breathing Cage, They Were Expendable, Gordons, Avoid Avoid, Formyula, Terminals, Timberjack Donoghue, Stones, Renderers, Pin Group and more… originally broadcast on 8K Christchurch, NZ, January 8 2017

Echo Ohs – You Don’t Mind
Bozo – Swim Down
Features – City Scenes
Terminals – No
Formula – My Mama George
Clean – Slug Song
Mantarays – Vanishing Point
Timberjack Donoghue – Dahli Mohammad
Renderers – A Fall Of The Earth
Jay Clarkson & Breathing Cage – The Man With No Desire
Jean -Paul Satre Experience – Inside and Out
Straitjacket Fits – Dialling A Prayer
Lawrence Arabia – Early Kneecapping
Look Blue Go Purple – As Does The Sun
Pin Group – Coat
YFC – Anthem
Alms For Children – Danny Boy
Tall Dwarfs – Louis the First
Gordons – Right On Time
Avoid Avoid – Polytechnik
They Were Expendable – Jazz Thing
Stones – Down and Around

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