8k16 Penelope Tree – A Patchwork of Post Punk Pop

Punk was the revolution, freedom of expression and loss of inhibition the prize. “Post punk” took that freedom and wed it to art and artifice to create some of the greatest and most challenging music we’d ever heard, music as immediate and tumultuous as the times. But dotted here and there in this wild unshackled landscape, this violently creative mayhem, were occasional islands of calm and beauty – love songs and laments, flamenco stylings, latin and jazz rhythms, pure and finely crafted pop songs. Here are just a few… (originally broadcast 16/10/2016.. strictly vinyl, snap crackle and pop.. 8K Radio NZ)

China Crisis – African and White
The Gist – Love At First Sight
Young Marble Giants – N.I.T.A.
Scritti Politti – The Sweetest Girl
Everything But The Girl – Each and Everyone
Weekend – The View From Her Room
Aztec Camera – We Could Send Letters
Durutti Column – Requiem For A Father
Eyeless In Gaza – Changing Stations
Lightning Seeds – Pure
Pale Fountains – (there’s always) Something On My Mind (7” version)
Kane Gang – Closest Thing To Heaven
Orange Juice – L.O.V.E. Love
Prefab Sprout – When Love Breaks Down
Style Council – The Whole Point Of No Return
Vic Goddard and the Subway Sect – Stop That Girl
Felt – Penelope Tree
Echo and the Bunnymen – All My Colours
Kevin Coyne – Love In Your Heart

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