8k15 Sodade – A Melancholy of Sad Songs

Many of us love a good wallow, an emotional drift on a sea of sad songs. It can be strangely therapeutic. It’s a letting go, an escape from the stresses of life…
Originally broadcast Sunday October 9 on 8k.nz, Skew-whiff MD’s “8k15 Sodade – A Melancholy of Sad Songs” is best accompanied by a comfy chair, soft lighting and a stiff gin (optional)

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
Craig Armstrong (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) – This Love
PJ Harvey – Angelene
Sonic Youth – Superstar
David Bowie – Wild Is The Wind
Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
Buffalo Tom – Taillights Fade
Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding
Frazier Chorus – Sloppy Heart
Simon & Garfunkel – So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
Byrds – Everybody’s Been Burned
Elliott Smith – I Didn’t Understand
Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy
Michael Andrews (feat Gary Jules) – Mad World
Nick Cave – Into My Arms
Jean Paul Sartre Experience – Inside And Out
Ben Watt – Some Things Don’t Matter
Straitjacket Fits – Down In Splendour
Elbow – Powder Blue
Marcia Griffiths – The First Time I Saw Your Face
Cesaria Evora – Sodade

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