8k14 Stumm – A Case of Instrumentals

Originally broadcast Sunday 2nd October 2016 on 8K Radio (www.8k.nz) “8k14 Stumm – A Case of Instrumentals” features voiceless works by Eno, Bowie, Felt, Howie B, Michael Nyman, Morricone, John Barry, Die Zorros, Durutti Column, Mantarays (NZ), Syd Dale, DJ Food and more.. a good third of the tunes hail from soundtracks, the remainder from many and varied genres and eras.. one thing that struck me as I played through contenders was how often what I’ve considered “instrumental” turned out to contain human voice to some degree … what the ear hears always then has to contend with the brain .. cheers ears, Skew

Michael Andrews – Manipulated Living
Howie B/Sly & Robbie – Major Magic
Mantarays – Launching Pad
David Richmond – Heavy Lead
Dudley Simpson – The Tomorrow People
Brian Fahey Orchestra – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Syd Dale – The Hellraisers
Blah Blam Blam – Doctor Who
Heliocentric – Freeness Part 2
Commodores – Machine Gun
DJ Food – Dark Wheel
Young Marble Giants – The Taxi
Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene part 4
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Music For A Found Harmonium
David Bowie – Weeping Wall
Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
Henry Mancini – Peter Gunn
Sound Dimension – Drum Song
Durutti Column – Sketch For Summer
Angelo Badalamenti – Audrey’s Dance
John Barry – The Ipcress File
Ennio Morricone – Farewell To Cheyenne
Die Zorros – Stairway To Heaven
Scratch Acid – Albino Song
Brian Eno – M386
Felt – Red Indians
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks
Ennis Morricone – For A Few Dollars More
Michael Nyman – The Heart Asks Pleasure First

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