8k10 A Decimation Of Tens

Originally broadcast Sunday 4th of September Skew-whiff MD’s 8k10 stitches togerther a bunch o’ tunes with “ten” in the title.. Killing Joke’s TENsion, Siouxsie’s TENant, Blur’s TENder, DJ Vadim’s Ni TEN Ichi, Lorde’s TENnis Court, Wire’s Half EaTEN, Resident’s Hard and Tenderly, Talking Heads’ TENtative Decisions .. and a host of others finishing up with the odd one out, Joy Division’s Decades… have a lisTEN…

Killing Joke – Tension
Mark of Cain – Contender
Barry Adamson – Intensive Care
Cure – 10.15 0n a Saturday Night
Magazine – Because You’re Frightened
Siouxsie & the Banshees – Tenant
Eno/Schwalm – Intenser
Blur – Tender
Joni Mitchell – The Tenth World
Arrested Development – Tennessee
Calexico – Contention City
DJ Vadim – Ni Ten Ichi
Lorde – Tennis Court
Wire – Half Eaten
Stranglers – Straighten Out
Cranks – Tension
Laughing Clowns – Written In Exile
Talking Heads – Tentative Decisions
Residents – Hard and Tenderly
Tinder sticks – Let’s Pretend
Joy Division – Decades

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