8K6 Jubilee Street – A Superfluity of Nuns

Skew-whiff’s 6th show for 8k.nz was sourced mostly from vinyl and features tracks by Nick Cave, Electric Wire Hustle (NZ), Terror of the Deep (NZ), Leadleg (NZ/OZ), BRMC, Avoid Avoid (NZ), Blur, Santogold, XX, Mmdelai (NZ), Snapper (NZ), Suicide (R I P Alan Vega) amongst others… throw in No. 6 samples, ac all to prayer, a couple J Zorn excerpts then “stitch” it all up in Reaper and you have yourself a bit of a soundscape….oh, and there’s not a nun in sight, I just like collective nouns… cheers ears

Patrick McGoohan – as Number 6
Baba Maal – A Call To Prayer (excerpt)
Nouvelle Vague – Fade to Grey
Nick Cave – Jubilee Street (live)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Rifles
XX – Fantasy
Electric Wire Hustle – The Bottom Line (NZ)
Mmdelai – Dragon Queen (NZ)
Gil Scot-Heron/Jamie XX – I’m New Here
Blur – Out Of Time
Terror of the Deep – Model Train Village (NZ)
Avoid Avoid – Ultra Deep Field (NZ)
Suicide – Rocket USA
Snapper – Death and Weirdness in the Surfing Zone (NZ)
Leadleg – World Satellite (NZ/OZ)
Julien Dyne – Maddingos (NZ)
John Zorn – Mickey Spillane (excerpt)
Santogold – Les Artistes

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